Excise online services is where you can pay your Motor Vehicle tax online through multiple channels.
Mobile application (epayment gos) is available for both android and iPhone users in app store
You can complete your registration by entering required information on portal or in mobile application.
You can get your tax details from tax payment option after adding your vehicle in add vehicle section.
You can add multiple vehicles and can pay the tax from same account.
You need to generate PSID code after calculating the charges from tax payment option.
PSID is a 12-digit unique code which generates against your selected vehicle for paying the tax.
Yes, PSID is valid for next 24 hours after generating it, and recent PSID is valid, in case of generating multiple PSID for same vehicle.
You can pay through multiple channels which connects with 1link option (list and process below).
Pay Via ATM
  • Go to you bank’s ATM insert your debit card and enter your ATM pin Code
  • Go to Bill payments/payment and select 1Bill invoice/voucher payment option.
  • Enter your 12-digit PSID and press ok
  • Details will be automatically fetched and displayed on the screen against the PSID
  • Enter amount and press confirm/pay to make payment against the PSID

Note: after successful payment is made, the Excise & taxation Department will send a confirmation SMS on your registered Mobile number. You may also receive on SMS from you bank if SMS services are availed from bank.

OTC (Over The Counter Payment/ Easy Paisa & Jazz Cash Shop)
  • Please visit the nearest 1link member bank branches/branchless agent along with PSID and ask the bank representative to make the payment or levy against 12-digit PSID, using 1BILL ( invoice & voucher Payments)

Via Branchless Banking ( Easy Paisa/Jazz Cash Mobile Account)
  • if you have easy paisa account and application
  • login into your easy paisa application
  • select Bill type and select 1BILL invoice/voucher
  • insert you 12-digit PSID and pay now
  • excise & Taxation Department will be sent confirmation SMS on your registered Mobile Number

Via Mobile/internet banking
  • If you have internet or mobile banking facility from your bank that your account is in.
  • Log in to your internet banking portal or your mobile banking application
  • Go to payments and select 1BILL invoice & voucher payment option
  • Insert 12-digit PSID generated from this portal and click on ok
  • Details will be automatically fetched and displayed on the screen against the PSID
  • Enter amount press confirm/pay to make payment
You can download your paid challan by clicking print paid challan/tax payment history option after paying your motor vehicle tax.
Motor vehicle tax updates in real time after successful transaction from consumer end.
Quick pay is fast and easy mode which expedite the process for paying your Motor Vehicle tax.
No, you don’t need to register yourself for Quick Pay.
You just need to enter your mobile number and vehicle details for getting PSID from Quick Pay
You can download your paid challan by clicking on the link which receives in confirmation SMS after successful transaction.
No, there is no need to get stamp on book after paying online tax, print copy of paid challan is enough for proof.